Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ahhh... the sugar!!

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth
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I had gone for such a long time without drinking Coke.  Then suddenly one day I was offered a glass of Coke and, of course, I accepted.  Afterwards, when I got home I had a sudden urge to drink another glass of Coke.  See, this is why I had tried to avoid drinking Coke for such a long time, because as soon as I drink it, I am hooked on that sweet carbonated experience that cannot be compared to any other taste experience on the planet.  This feeling is not only experienced by me.  In fact, there are lots of loyal Coke drinkers out there that cannot function without having their daily dose.  The real battle is telling your brain NO! when it tells you it wants another one.  I'm proud of myself, I didn't drink the other Coke.  However most Coke drinkers find it hard to resist the urge, and have to drink their Coke to feel better.  Please look at the numbers above, the illnesses, the side effects! This is very serious!  We should be changing those numbers and reducing our sugar intake, parents also need to be wary of the high sugar intake of children!  It's time to say NO!! to the urge!

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